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Our Story

On April 17, 2023, over 200 people attended a community meeting and decided to form a community body to represent and advocate on its behalf to all regulatory authorities - local, state and federal - whose decisions affect this community. The community was adamant that it was no longer prepared to be “consulted” after decisions were made.

Triggered by the dissatisfaction with GORCAPA at the time, it was quite evident that community members felt abandoned by all the authorities with control over community outcomes. To that end, the community voted to create a united, proactive, single-minded body which would focus on creating the future the community wanted rather than the future that regulatory authorities decided it should have.

At this historic community meeting, an interim committee was delegated the authority to structure such an association and shepherd it until an AGM could be called to elect committee members.

After a community voting process (which closed on June 7th), the Association was named: APOLLO BAY COMMUNITY VOICE. A constitution, based on the model rules, was submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria and a certificate of incorporation was issued.


what is our

We serve as the steadfast voice for the residents and ratepayers of Apollo Bay & surrounding districts



To represent and advocate for the residents and ratepayers of Apollo Bay & districts, on Gadubanud country.


To negotiate with governments, government entities and third-party organisations whose policies and decisions affect the well-being and future of the community.



We strive to be the central hub and clearing house for gathering, filtering, and disseminating of community ideas.

Cliffs and Ocean


To have a solutions-based focus and seek to constructively respond to local challenges in a timely manner.



To be a not-for-profit, apolitical community organisation.

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