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Becoming a Member

Membership is open to anyone 16 years and over (within our Territory) who complies with any of the following criteria: Residents; Homeowners; Rate payers; Renters; Business Owners; Employees of local businesses; Members of any of the community’s clubs or associations; and long term or repeat holiday makers who wish to contribute to the community.

Also raised at the community Meeting was Committee Members each holding a portfolio. This encourages individual Committee Members to actively consult with the groups, businesses and individuals covered by the portfolio and provides the community with an easily identifiable point of contact should they wish the Committee to address a particular issue. The following portfolios were proposed for the initial Committee Members (note Committee Members must be 18 years or over) : The Arts & Events; Business & Tourism; Education & Youth; The Elderly; Emergency Services; The Environment; Farming; Fishing; Health & Wellness; Sport & Recreation. Portfolios will be allocated to individual committee members and can be altered as the need arises.


The association is not a federation. The separate associations and clubs of Apollo Bay and districts will continue to prosecute their various causes and maintain their relationships with regulatory authorities as they see fit. Apollo Bay Community Voice Inc has been created by the community as a whole, not by a particular segment of the community. It has a mandate to act on behalf of the community.


* Membership is Currently Free

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